Do you like puzzle games and labyrinths?

According to Greek mythology, the first Labyrinth was built to hold the Minotaur. It was so cunningly made that even its creator could barely escape it. Maze Forever resurrects the legendary labyrinth and introduces an innovative twist: unlimited mazes. Escape one labyrinth stage to start a more difficult one and keep playing just as in a perpetuum mobile of fun. If you thought the Greek labyrinth was tough, wait until you try Maze Forever!

With its unlimited labyrinth puzzles Maze Forever gives you the benefit of countless hours of fun while polishing your puzzle solving skills. A beautiful minimalistic design helps you focus on the gameplay while enjoying each well crafted puzzle level. Golden coins are sprinkled in random locations and you’ll need to collect them to unlock special characters and maze themes. The ultimate goal is to access the worldwide leaderboards and show off to the world how good your puzzle solving skills are. Think you are smart enough to do it? There’s only one way to find out, install Maze Forever!

Here are the features Maze Forever captivates puzzle solvers with:

  • Unlimited Levels. This labyrinth puzzle has unlimited unique levels. The labyrinths never repeat they just become more difficult to solve. Maze Forever helps you improve your puzzle solving skills and lets you re-play any previous level.

  • Minimalistic Gameplay. Simply tap or use your device’s accelerometer to guide your character through the labyrinth until you find the exit, while collecting all possible coins. With a minimalist design and beautiful labyrinth puzzles, the gameplay is challenging & addictive.

  • Characters and Themes. Gather enough coins and you’ll be able to unlock 14 unique characters, from comic-looking faces to funny mustached ones. Or change the labyrinth theme with one of the other 11 colorful ones.

  • Power-ups. Solve tougher levels by using power-ups. Hints help you find the way by showing directional arrows, Trails help you return to a previous point, Speed helps your character move faster and lastly increase the View Range to see a larger portion of the labyrinth.

  • Global Player Rank. Try to collect all the coins and solve the puzzle levels faster to improve your score. This way you can access the leaderboard and see how your player rank compares with other players. Connect your Facebook account to compete with your friends.

  • Wisdom Quotes. If you are lucky and persistent in solving each maze you’ll unlock special scrolls that contain shareable quotes from remarkable people. These come with coin bonuses too!

With Maze Forever the joy of solving labyrinth puzzles never stops, it actually increases in intensity. Connect your Facebook account to make it even more challenging by provoking your friends to a game of fast maze solving. This makes Maze Forever your own social labyrinth game so install it now to enjoy a great puzzle experience.