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the Woolies - Puzzle for Kids
The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids

Welcome to the world of adorable little creatures called Woolies.

"The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids" is a classic jigsaw puzzle for kids of all ages. A wide variety of characters, puzzle boards and various levels of difficulty will create an atmosphere, which is hard to resist and will keep your child occupied for an extended period of time. It’s a wonderful play, which stimulates imagination, sharpens the senses and improves the skills of observation of even the youngest kids.

"The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids" is yet another fantastic game from the Eary Lab, which you can download for your kids to play with.

  • 12 characters, more than 70 puzzles to solve
  • Classic, well known jigsaw puzzles improve imagination and observation
  • Extended play time
  • Game for kids 2+ through pre-school

    iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
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