Welcome to Adubble world. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Adubble is a highly addictive puzzle game for everyone! You will need to match sets of three or more like-colored bubbles to remove them from the board and have points added to your score. Numerous levels, special elements and increasing difficulty will ensure hours of fun. Use bonuses to multiply your score. Experience new and unique game play using special elements.

  • 5 different Endless mode levels with OpenFeint global stats (*not available in Adubble Free)
  • 60 levels of varying difficulty (25 levels in Adubble Free)
  • 7 types of special elements like stars, mines, locks, lasers, switchers, bombs and stones (*not everything available in Adubble Free)
  • hours of fun.

"If you're looking for a casual time-waster and are fond of the Bejeweled genre, I’d recommend this game. You certainly get your money's worth..." -

"This game is very nice. Both graphics and music are very nicely prepared and the quality of both is great. In my eyes, it's a must have logic game for the iPhone and iPod Touch." -

"I judged it initially, and boy did I judge wrong. You see, I loaded up Adubble expecting a Bejeweled clone. I figured that was no bad thing, Bejeweled is a fun distraction for a while, although clones aren't really needed when the original is so good. So I went into Adubble with pretty low expectations, and instead of a mediocre Bejeweled clone, I was confronted by such a fun, challenging and quite unique little game." -

"There have been other Match 3's like this, but Adubble stands out in its more puzzle-like nature." -

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